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Easy Peasy School Lunch Guide

Ever feel totally overwhelmed by all the perfectly crafted lunch boxes you see posted all over social media? As pediatric dietitians, we know that feeding kids well is crazy important for their overall health, growth, and well-being. But we also know life is busy and keeping tiny humans alive is hard. If you're looking for simple ideas to toss in your child's lunchbox each day, this guide is for you. We are parents, just like you, who understand the importance of child nutrition, but also understand that life is jam packed with a million things on our to-do lists and packing a lunch box shouldn't have to be so darn hard!


This toolkit is designed to reduce stress and help you find confidence and joy in feeding your child. Topics include:


  • Key goals when packing school lunch
  • How to build a balanced meal that fuels your child all day long
  • Strategies for when you:
    • Don't have a ton of time
    • Attend a nut-free campus (or have a child with a nut allergy)
    • Have a child that struggles to get enough protein
  • Our go-to food products that we love and trust (and serve in our own homes)
  • Food safety
  • Examples of simple, balanced, kid-friendly lunches we send with our own kids!


If you're looking for a little extra support, check out our counseling services here!

Easy Peasy School Lunch Guide

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