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Picky Eating Bee Gone Toolkit

Ever feel stressed that your child isn't eating enough, is very selective in their food choices, or isn't getting the nutrition they need to thrive? Maybe mealtimes have become a constant battle and you dread sitting down at the table. Or maybe you just want to make sure that you aren't missing the mark when it comes to feeding your child a variety of nutritious foods.


Dinner time doesn't have to be so hard! This all-inclusive toolkit is designed to reduce stress and tension at the table and help you find confidence and joy in feeding your child again.


Topics include:

  • The "why" behind picky eating
  • How to establish a positive feeding environment
  • Quick tips for building a balanced plate
  • 12 proven methods for expanding your picky eater's palate
  • Snack time guidance to optimize nutrition throughout the day
  • Tips for getting your child to sit (and stay) at the table
  • Understanding how conversation at the table can impact a child and tips for healthy table talk
  • Setting yourself up for success (helpful supplies to support your picky eater)
  • Guidance on when dietary supplements may be helpful or necessary
  • How to know when picky eating may be a sign of a more serious issue
  • And more!


If you're looking for a little extra support, check out our counseling services here!

Picky Eating Bee Gone Toolkit

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