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Our dietitians coach parents through nutrition challenges and help them raise healthy, happy eaters. From babies to teens, we're here to guide you!

A simplified approach
to nourishing kids.



We know you've got enough on your plate. That's why we offer simple solutions, virtually, at a time that's best for you.

Healthy Hive Family Nutrition is a child nutrition practice that specializes in kids - from babies to teens.


We coach parents through a variety of nutrition challenges to help them feel confident putting food on the family table. 


Our approach to child nutrition is simple and sustainable. No complicated diets. A lot less stress and frustration.


Feeding kids is our passion. Helping families raise healthy, happy eaters is our mission.


Personalized Nutrition Counseling to Help You Find the Joy in Feeding

Who We Work With

Our pediatric dietitians help families work through nutrition challenges in all stages of a child's life including, but not limited to:

  • Starting solids

  • Picky eating

  • Weight concerns

  • Food allergies or intolerances

  • Celiac disease

  • GI issues like constipation or IBS

  • Eating challenges related to ADHD

  • Infant feeding challenges such as MSPI or CMPI

  • Prenatal & Postnatal health

  • Child & adolescent sports nutrition

  • Basic wellness & healthy eating practices

  • Pantry makeovers

Still not sure if we're right for you? Schedule a discovery call to learn more!

How We Can Help

We know feeding kids can bring a lot of questions, but we've got you covered!


As pediatric nutritionists, we strive to provide clients with up-to-date, evidence-based guidance that is simple and sustainable for the whole family.


Meet with a dietitian one-on-one to address concerns about your child's diet. We offer single sessions that are tailored to meet your family's needs as well as packages for those needing a little extra support. 

Our dietitians are based in Austin, TX and offer some in-person services locally in addition to telehealth.

You can check out our services right here!


Real Parents. Real Results.

Whitney H.

Austin, TX

We reached out to Healthy Hive because we had a very picky eater. I worked with Sarah for four weeks (on zoom meetings, which was very convenient) and in that time she taught me many approaches and gave me good insight into how to positively approach positive eating habits in our home. Within a couple of months we had our picky eater trying a variety of different foods. Our picky eater also has a new outlook on eating and foods thanks to all that I was taught! I would highly recommend Healthy Hive to anyone struggling with the crazy journey that surrounds poor eating tendencies.

Heather P.

Austin, TX

Working with Lauren was so helpful to our family. She went above and beyond doing research and finding resources for us to learn the best way to care for our son's medical nutrition needs. She helped us examine the emotional aspects of eating and had practical advice and suggestions on what to eat and how to decide what's right for our family. She was friendly, professional and compassionate and truly cares about her clients.

Alissa P.

Austin, TX

We worked with Lauren over the last couple of months to help create a better approach to eating in my family. She was thoughtful, kind, and very flexible with scheduling. I feel like she really knows her stuff when it comes to kids, food, and ways to prevent unhealthy habits and thinking around eating. I would highly recommend this business.

Emmy B.

Austin, TX

I was so lost when it came to feeding my baby. Sarah helped me by giving me the confidence I needed to remove my fears about solids and choking. She provided me with ideas on what to start with and was an amazing resource to have throughout challenges I was facing.

Gracy G.

Austin, TX

My 13 year old son needed help prepping meals for school to better accommodate the amount of energy he puts in as an athlete. I wasn't really sure what foods would best fit the amount of calories he burns. Their dietitian was able to provide great choices and guidance while tailoring his diet to his needs. He makes better balanced choices and I'm able to help as well. Thanks, Healthy Hive!

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